Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Website Blues and the Frustration of Broken Links

Day 2
Today I went about the process of designing the main pages of the website. At first, I was a little lost with all the different file names, (of which there are thousands) and varying document analysis methods, but Roger helped set me straight on most of it. Also, it seems like one of the most time consuming parts of the website might be locating some of the files, which may require downloading from the current site. However, the current site is very inaccessible (if you don't believe me go to archimedespalimpsest.net) so that may be a bit difficult. So, without many workable files, my main task that I set to accomplish today was creating an image browser. I worked out a decent format, created some thumbnails, and was all set to go, but when I copied the files to their resident folder, none of the links worked. SO, to make a long story short, tomorrow I need to go back and recreate the base links so that I don't build the whole site on broken links.

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