Saturday, August 4, 2012

Videos, Grilles, and Focusing

Day 20
I was up late last night editing the video, and my computer was being uncooperative, so I came in early this morning and finished editing it with Jarek. We weren't able to finish it before the start of the morning meeting, but luckily the "officials" liked it well enough to overlook that. Now, me and Olivia are both at -3 points. Lunch today was kind of pathetic, as we weren't very coordinated. We had hotdogs, and plenty of hamburger buns, but only one package of hotdog buns and no hamburgers. Roger brought me his laptop which can handle the Helicon Focus program better, and I tried out a plethora of different settings, but none of them seemed to produce strong results. I am going to try out some different things this weekend, and hopefully find a way to enhance the images.

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