Friday, July 13, 2012

Grilling in the Great Outdoors

 Day 5
Today was really nice. In the morning, I set up some downloads to run, and went upstairs to the Insight lab to see what David was doing, and help him out. I feel kind of bad, because his computer has linux on it so I wasn't really able to help him. Later we went outside and had an amazing lunch of grilled burgers and hotdogs. I got some good work done on the template, and designed some of the icons, although I had to redesign them three different times. I also learned quite a lot about the palimpsest today, as well as the actual texts of Archimedes. At first, the task of this internship seemed a little daunting, but as time goes on I am finding myself increasingly immersed in the history and culture behind what I am working on. I really like the stuff I'm working with, my only wish is that I could actually read the text itself. So, at the suggestion of Jarek and David, I have decided that I am going to try to learn Greek writing, and actually decipher some of Archimedes work (It will be a nice time occupier while I wait for the files to convert). The best part of today though, is that I have downloaded over 60% of the files. Week one is complete, and I am well on my way to finishing this website.

Also, I thought that I would show anyone who hasn't already seen these images an example of what I am working with. On the top is a true color image of the page, and as you can see the Archimedes text is virtually unreadable. On the bottom is a processed image which shows the Archimedes text in red. Cool huh.

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