Monday, July 23, 2012

NOVA, ISS, and OSA(Other Similar Acronyms)

Day 11
Well, I have pretty much given up on the whole learning Greek thing. It has turned out to be  much harder task then I first thought it could be. On the flip-side, I finally figured out the mouse-over effect for the website. All the tutorials I found were way too complicated then they needed to be, and the answer was actually quite simple. So, I am essentially done with formatting and creating the website template, though I need to make sure that it is perfect before I copy it 500 times. Also, Roger gave me a DVD with a NOVA video on the Palimpsest to watch, and so I invited some of the other interns down to my lab. I seemed to be the only one who watched and enjoyed (or understood) it though. This morning, the Women Engineers at RIT (WE@RIT) had a HAM radio conference with Sunita Williams, a female astronaut currently maintaining the International Space Station(ISS). It was a very cool experience, even though we felt out of place amongst the school-aged kids who seemed to be the primary audience. The young girls in the program asked a variety of interesting and humorous questions during the brief 10-minute fly-over, the best of which was: "Do you age slower in space?"

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