Friday, July 27, 2012

Guinea Pigs

Day 14
A lot happened today. I figured out how to create a drop down menu for the website, and was able to optimize the HTML code. In the afternoon, I had a meeting with Roger and a grad student, in which I learned a lot about image processing. The images need to be compiled into data cubes before they can be processed however, and as the computer I am working with only has 1GB of memory, I am going to have to wait until Roger makes the data cubes before I begin processing. After the meeting, I did a perception experiment with Mike, Denise, and Nick which was kind of cool. I sat in front of a screen and infrared lights were projected onto my eyes. A sensor then tracked my eyes as I was shown a series of images. It was really interesting, but I was disoriented after sitting in the dark in front of a screen for 20 minutes. I am glad I was able to help them out though.

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